Casper Press publishes books that enrich our understanding of the world and of people who are creating a meaningful and sustainable future for our planet, our communities and each other.  We choose titles that both inform and inspire us; that help us to see how connecting with each other leads to powerful outcomes.

We are a division of The International Forum, a global organization committed to helping leaders learn from the experiences and perspectives of others.  While we share this mission with our parent, we have also expanded its reach by connecting with people from all walks of life, and all around the world through the books that we publish. Our goal it to give readers the opportunity to learn about places and meet people they might never encounter on their own.  We hope that through the stories we share, more among us will realize what is possible and be empowered to do something about it.

logo-aloneThe International Forum has created travelling education experiences for the chief executives and business presidents of over 250 global corporations from 15 different countries for over two decades. It was founded at The Wharton School in 1988 and for 14 years ran The Global Leadership Series, a Wharton executive education program for chief executives of companies all over the world. Since 1993 it has also developed its own programs in India, China, Central Europe and North America. Programs are five day learning trips which are highly experiential and engage participants in dialogue with others from all walks of life including scientists, educators, religious leaders, community leaders, farmers, doctors, entrepreneurs, government leaders, musicians, artists and social entrepreneurs. Programs have been held in China, India, Sweden, Belgium, Thailand, Japan, U.S.A., Poland, Czech Republic, and Latvia. The International Forum maintains a global network of over 500 resource people who are committed to the idea of an integrated approach to learning with the objective of finding new approaches to solving problems and exploring creative solutions for both business and society